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Think About it -- Guns are the Problem!

It’s not about guns. It’s about protection ignorance.

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An Old West Lesson

There is simply no factual argument that some of your protection team should not be properly trained and equipped (armed) to stop violence acts. 

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Ministry Security Done Well

Recently, parishioners of a Church in Chesterfield, MO were hit with a disturbing announcement in their Sunday bulletin. Someone knew enough about church operations to know who printed their Sunday bulletins and slipped in an article attempting to form a security team for the church. Allegedly, the actual wording of the ad was, We are calling all young men back to the church to form ...

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Think About it -- The Lion Still Hunts

There is a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. He’s outside your window and in your pews. 

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Think About it -- Remembering Ron Allen

God will never call us to a work that we can fulfill in our own strength.

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Think About it -- Lessons From the Farm # 2 -- Father's Day Gratitude

As I left our farm Friday, wheat harvest was in full swing. It will be finished when I return from Philadelphia on Father’s Day. I can’t think of wheat without thinking of Grandpa. In conversations with my brothers recently, it became obvious we should all preserve our perspectives about him. No better time than Father’s Day. Grandpa was born in 1897. My great grandmothe...

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Think About it -- Perspectives From New York City

I don’t know how anyone could be unmoved by visiting the 9/11 memorial.

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Think About it -- Notes of Wisdom From Others

This last weekend, the FBSN hosted 15 speakers to address a group of church security operators and faith leaders in Fairfield, CT. We spoke in 19 sessions to attendees from all over the New England States. Many expressed gratitude for hearing information from others on why and how to do things well. I want to share a small portion of that information shared with the good people of region 1 ...

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Think About it -- Lost in the Verbiage

To overly define the way a violence victim died, is to disregard many victims and the primary risks associated with violence.

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Think About it -- Events are Back!

Attending a church security focused event is one of the best ways to gain fresh insights and inspiration and meet new people critical to what you do.

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