History of the FBSN

It started off as a bomb threat at Focus on the Family where Carl Chinn was employed in the facilities department. It was the first time the thought of security took up any small space in his mind. That was the winter of 1991/92. His life gravitated increasingly towards that subject with each year that followed.

In 1995 that same ministry took notice of the Oklahoma City bombing. As the Building Engineer, Carl was on the committee assigned to perform a risk / vulnerability study of Focus on the Family. A targeted attack on the ministry followed on May 2nd, 1996. As an intentional result of the systems and protocols implemented a year earlier, Carl was automatically summoned to the front lobby where the attack was evolving into a hostage situation with an angry gunman.

Carl was one of the four hostages, then became a spokesman and witness for the ministry in the trial that followed. Most importantly, he had stepped across the mental space from it could happen here into the reality that, it happened here...

Writing and Researching

In 1997 Carl began writing and researching as much as time would allow. In 1999 he began the Deadly Force Incident study. In 2005 he was part of the group that developed the Life Safety Ministry at New Life Church. He was there serving as part of the team who responded to a killer coming down their hallway in 2007.

He published Evil Invades Sanctuary in 2012, which became the book on church security. He took the message of intentional readiness on the road to audiences across the nation. As he progressed through the continuum of study on faith-based security, it became a passion, then a full-time way of life...


Responding to the Call

Though it seemed a solitary effort at times through the 90’s and into the 21st Century, he wasn’t the only one on the journey. It was as if, while a few were trying to keep a candle going in the dark, the sun began to rise around them. There was a host of others being called into this study and application; a ground swell of men and women taking note of what was happening in churches and faith-based organizations of all kinds.

They were all responding to a common call; to protect their friends and family. As this calling progressed, it was seeking an identity. Terms like church security, gatekeepers, watchmen and sheepdogs began to emerge and become common monikers of description. Some even rushed to put ™ © or ® on whichever term they wanted to own and advertise.

This calling however is bigger than a trademark, copyright or registration. Carl Chinn could not own it any more than any one person or company could. This is a calling based upon the very real need to actively, intentionally and effectively resist evil. The calling became a movement, then an endeavor. The men and women in this endeavor will be owned by no man or association. They are their own association...


The FBSN - Established

Thus, the Faith Based Security Network was established as a 501(c)(3) on August 1st of 2016. In October of 2017 it was deemed a non-profit public charity by the IRS. The FBSN is owned by the members; a repository of their combined intellectual property.

The life work of Carl Chinn and other members as well is deposited into this member-owned consortium of like-minded protectors. While called and honored to serve as the founder and president of the FBSN, Carl knew going in, that this fine association of the best minds in the effort is not his, it is His.

The FBSN belongs to Him who owns all things and entrusted to the members progressing along the journey of continuously improving professionalism in this calling, this great endeavor, of protecting His people.