Code of Conduct

  1. Practice precepts of service: integrity, accountability, honesty, and humility in all my engagement with every other member within the organization.
  2. Promote professional safety operations in faith-based organizations by engaging in meaningful discussions with others and supporting the benefits offered to me by FBSN.
  3. Support the education of members and the general public in a diligent, loyal, honest manner, and not knowingly be a part of any illegal or improper activities.
  4. Cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and ideas for mutual protection, while not initiating or engaging in unrelated, unimportant, personal, political, rumor-based or other forms of divisive rhetoric.
  5. Use objectivity in all aspects of my contributions and engagement within my FBSN community.
  6. Use the resources and products of the FBSN for the safety of my faith-based community.
  7. Protect any and all privileged information entrusted to me from public release, and only share as deemed necessary within my faith-based organization or specific peers who are in explicit need of the information.
  8. If, in addition to the organization I listed in my membership application, I am also connected with a business which provides a product or service to this field of faith-based safety or security, I will not promote that business in the forum.
  9. Protect and respect the privacy rights, civil rights, and physical and intellectual property rights of other members and the FBSN itself.
  10. Abide by all local, state and federal laws.